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simple is the best

The slim handpiece is made of aluminum and is slightly heavier than our other handpieces, but it sits extremely comfortably in the hand as a result. You will grow to love its ergonomic design, especially when carrying out longer treatments. The needle cartridges are easy to screw in and are the most eco-friendly in our range. Last but not least, it is very quiet-running and low-vibration – a great plus for your clients.

it’s simple, maximum performance

exy popular machine

Rated Volatage 100 ~ 240V AC / 5V DC
Speed  1 ~ 9 Step
Weight  76g
Max Diameter  23mm
Length with Cartridge 156mm
Length without Cartridge 125mm
Cable length 2.5m
Material Aluminum
  • handy and Comportable style
  • Easy to Control
  • Can adjust needle length by rotating body
  • High speed and strong endurance with super stability
  • Can match with any size of needle from EXY

for the safest permanent makeup

needle cartridges

shapeDiameter(single needle)procedure scope
EXY 1 MICRO 0.2mm Fine, Single Hair Stroke
EXY 1 LINER 0.4mm Fine, Single Hair Strokes, Eyeliner, Lip contours
EXY 2 FLAT 0.4mm Lip Shading, Areola, Scar Camouflage
EXY 3 LINER 0.3mm Lash Line, Lip Contour
EXY 4 FLAT 0.4mm Lip Shading, Areola, Scar Camouflage
EXY 5 LINER 0.4mm Shading, Lip, Scar Camouflage
EXY 5 SLOPE 0.4mm Areola, Scar Camouflage
EXY MTS - Micro Treatment