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Glue, Remover, Eyepatch for Eyelash extension are available in our product range

instant adhesives for eyelash extension

eyelash Glue lockhold


● Alkoxyethly cyanoacrylate based with odorless type for sensitive skin.
● Ethyl cyanoacrylate based with odor types from beginner to professional.
● packing capacity : 10g, 1kg, 25kg
● Black and transparent
● Non hydroquinone

Properties of Instant Adhesive

Name Propertiescolor capOdorDrying SpeedViscosity(25˚c)Operation TimeCharacter
M686 White Oderless 8~10 sec 100 cps 60 min over For sensitive Skin
H908 Red Odor 3~5 sec 100 cps 60 min over Excellent Flexibility and Durability
R886 Black Odor 5~8 sec 100 cps 60 min over For Beginner and Excellent Stability
X800 Black Odor 3~4 sec 100 cps 30~40 min Very Fast and Excellent Stability


1. The Drying speed is measured by the measurement of the adhesion specified in the statement.(25˚C/38%RH)
   The result in the chart showing that the amount of adhesion that does not fall when it is pulled by the finger, not the total bonding time.
2. Operation time(On stone 25˚C/38%RH) is defined as a thin membrane formed or when sillatrim occurs, in the
   conditions specifed in the table,  therefore depending on the circumstances, the operation time may be reduced or increased.

3. H908 and X800, they are relatively dried quickly. Therefore, they are recommended to special list who can operate fast.

eye gel patch for eyelash extension

hydro gel eye patch

Hydro-firming gel patches are attached under lashes to help operation goes well.

It also provides extra effect such as moisturizing and tightening to client’s eyes area.

We offer many different shapes and thickness to meet customer’s Needs.